Social media widgets are killing your conversion rate . . .

timerYour website’s performance will drastically impact your conversion rate, and that’s a fact:

  • A one second delay in page load time drives a 7% loss in conversions. –Aberdeen
  • Each 100ms in reduced load time at Amazon dropped conversion rate by 1%.
  • Yahoo reports that a 400ms in reduced loading time increased traffic increased by 9%.

So forget hiring us to manage your conversion rate optimization, just upgrade your server and get serious about measuring load time.

Anyhow, last week on Hacker News a thread popped up noting that “Your social widgets are losing you visitors right now. . .”.

The thread author pointed out that social media widget’s often default to load themselves before any other page element.

This means your users are sitting on their hands waiting for pages to load, and it’s for that reason that we make the following recommendations:

  • Load all scripts asynchronously to avoid this blocking behavior.
  • Put all social media bookmarklets into an iFrame to reduce the chance that errors or slowdowns impact the rest of your webpage.

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