3 Landing Page Teardowns for Inspiration

Whenever we start a new Landing Page Optimization project we like to start-out by seeing what else is out there.

In this new section we’ll run through high-traffic landing pages that we like, and highlight the good and bad.  

To see our comments, just rollover the images.

Intuit Quickbase

  • Pros:
    • Clear headline that accurately describes the product.
    • Clear call to action button placed to maximize horizontal eyeline exposure.
    • Inclusion of implied testimonials including Fortune 500s to raise trust.
  • Cons:
    • Poor call-to-action button contrast.
    • Stock photos are simply window dressing, lost opportunity for engagement.
    • Implied testimonials colors may be distracting, test grayscale.

MailChimp Email Marketing

  • Everybody loves monkeys – great and memorable mascot.
  • Testimonial from Mashable, good fit for their demographic.
  • Good call-to-action button with nice contrast placed “above the fold”.


  • Testimonial length is too long, and font too small – incredible customer list in there including Intel, Staples, and more that should be drawn out more.
  • “Top rated social media tool” is a confusing sub-headline.
  • “Get a completely free account” is what got us to start using MailChimp ourselves, perhaps underutilized as central messaging of landing page.

LotusLive iNotes

  • Professional, non-obtrusive headline/background color combo.
  • Call to action button with descriptive action oriented text.


  • Three headlines at top is too much.
  • Way too much text in the “why lotuslive inotes – better word economyt needed.
  • No testimonials, no human element.

That’s it folks

We realize it’s a lot harder to create than to critique, all the pages above clearly have a lot of thought and energy put behind them.

We will, however, put our money where our mouth is – click here to contact us today and learn how we can drastically increase your website conversion rate for no money up front, and backed by our $10,000 guarantee!

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5 thoughts on “3 Landing Page Teardowns for Inspiration

  1. Hi,
    Do you know that every page of your site gives this error:-
    IEPNGFix: Unclickable children of element:

    when viewed with IE8 and Windows (maybe also other versions of IE).
    It’s a pain and I think you probably want to fix it up!

  2. Hi Aileen – Thanks for working with us to get it resolved – it should be fixed now.

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