A glaring conversion error that Amazon needs to fix . . .

“Up-selling” is a sales tactic borne out of telemarketing rooms and used car-lots whereby a salesperson induces the customer to purchase more expensive items or upgrades.

Online, this tactic is common, and Amazon.com has one of the most refined “Up-Sell” software engines in the world – but do they really want to broadcast this fact to their visitors? 

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned in our years of conversion rate testing it’s that users are subject to the smallest subconscious cues.

In the image above Amazon.com has titled their up-sell engine as “view-upsell.html” – clearly letting me know that their software is hard at work to take more of my money.

That made me feel lousy, and I bet others notice it too, and respond in a similar fashion.

In fact I would be willing to wager $1000.00 cash to the Amazon.com testing team that if you changed “view-upsell.html” to something more customer-centric like “special-offer.html”, or “valued-customer-offer.html” you would see a meaningful increase in your actual “up-sell” conversion rate.

So there it is Amazon, the gauntlet is thrown – if you’d like some help contact us today to help with your website conversion rate ;-)!

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