Unsub links at the TOP of your emails will lead to higher conversions . . .

This morning there’s an interesting article at the retailemailblog.com  illustrating how major retailers have begun adding an unsubscribe link to the top of their email communications, rather than in the traditional position at the end of an email message.

Below is an example from Groupon.com – at the very top of the message header you’ll see a functional bar that lets users quickly identify their unsubscribe link.

Groupon uses a unique opt-out strategy in their email to increase conversions.

The reasons for placing the unsub at the top are logical:

a) Users click unsubscribe instead of “This is Spam”, which improves your deliverability.

b) Consumers that don’t want to be marketed to, typically don’t buy.

Using this method, we’ve seen slightly higher unsubscribe rates, but substantially lower instances of spam complaints.

Overall this provides a net gain, a more targeted list, and as an added bonus helps to keep the SPAM police off your back.

Besides website optimization, one of the areas that we focus on is optimizing your  email campaigns and tips like this have helped us squeeze out record gains for our customers.

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9 thoughts on “Unsub links at the TOP of your emails will lead to higher conversions . . .

  1. Very nice tip, first time heard this one and definitely will do it in the future. Thank you

  2. Solid, intuitive advice. Thanks

  3. Very interesting… and we’ve been pushing our un-sub links down to the bottom of the page for years…

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