Landing Page Optimzation for High Traffic Websites

Why does Conversion Voodoo only provide services for high traffic websites? FOCUS.

We cut our teeth in the bowels of the dog-eat-dog wild west world of internet marketing. Being in the industry for over 10 years, and having clients that were spending millions a month on advertising to drive traffic to their sites, we had to get great, no, INCREDIBLY FANDABULOUS at converting high cost traffic high volume visitor websites. Period.

While some scammy and unscrupulous nasties were out there illegally¬† slapping Oprah’s face on their websites for credibility, we we working in the trenches to keep our clients’ sites FTC compliant AND high converting. It wudn’t no easy task, pardner.

We built custom tools and world class methodologies to capture the most sales possible (to our clients’ delight).¬† All of this with high volume/high cost traffic. The pressure was (and still is) intense. There were millions of dollars on the line, not to mention our butts (and some pride too). Some nights we didn’t sleep. We would poor over data, write copy for the 1,457th time, redo the graphics AGAIN, load up new tests, day in and day out. And we started to get really good at it, really good.

In fact, our clients (with their shiny goody-two-shoes FTC compliant sites) were killing those scammers that were cheating and stealing copy, content and trust. And they still are killing it. In an environment where companies are getting shutdown left and right, our clients are still kicking butt, and taking names.

We trained, we developed, we grew. Constantly testing and learning. And guess what… we still are. And our clients love us for it!

That’s why we focus on high traffic websites. We were built for it, Trained, Shaped and molded for it. That what we do well. Very well.

And that’s why we focus on high traffic websites….

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