Great article from Seth Godin on Brand, Packaging, Story and Worldview – Applies to Landing page Optimization

Seth Godin is a great marketer, write and thinker. I read his blog everyday. He knows how to cut to the heart of the matter.

In his article, The brand, the package, the story and the worldview, he talks about focusing on the part of the market that would connect to your brand and buy your products.

This simple article also is the same process you should use to look at how to do your landing page tests and treatments to your websites.

The Brand: is the perception of who you are to the visitor, why you matter. The Packaging: is your site’s over all look and feel. The Story: is the copy that the visitors are going to read, the motivation of why the visitors are going to invest even 50 milliseconds on your site to engage and possibly buy something or to fill out a form. The Worldview: What are visitors looking for when they get to your site, and what will appeal to them.

Read the article and use it to draw up new tests for your site. Don’t be afraid to be radical, or different. I spend the most of my time on the worldview of the people coming to the site (who are they and why are they there), and what is the best way to tell the story to motivate them to take an action. If the audience is listening, and the story is compelling, you’ll find your site raking in the customers.

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