Being the “Secret Weapon” can make you feel like the proverbial Red-headed Step Child

If you’re a client a prospective client of ours, you know that we are very secretive about who we do business with. In fact, you probably gave us one of those “you’re weird” looks if you’ve talked with us at a trade show or conference after we give you our standard answer after a simple question:

“So can you tell us about some of the companies you do business with?”

“Sorry, no can do.” (Insert “you’re nuts”look here.)

All of our clients want strict anonymity for the conversion work we’re doing for them. In fact, we won’t be able to get you any references until after we’ve done an NDA and initial analysis of your sites.

Bottom line, we’re the secret weapon for some of the largest web traffic sites on the planet. And our clients want to keep it that way. Landing page optimization isn’t sexy, but it can be VERY profitable in the right hands. And that’s why our clients like us to keep the secret.

Here’s a perfect example. I went to the Affiliate Summit West 2010, and met one of our clients at the show for dinner. As we were walking out of the conference area to catch a taxi, we ran into 3 other people that in his industry.

“Hey Bob! Great to see you  (name changed to protect the innocent)”

“Hey Sally fantastic to see you! You’re looking great.”  He then nudges me away, then walks about 10 feet away with Sally to have a 2 minute conversation. I was left standing in the middle of the hall feeling like an ugly date to the prom.

No introductions. No Kudos for the massive increases we’ve done for them. No “you gotta meet my secret weapon! You guys are geniuses at optimization of landing pages.” Nada. Zip. Zilch.

All I got was a, “Sorry about that. They’re a direct competitor I do business with, and I can NOT have you near them. If they knew the results I was getting, and who I was using for my conversion work, they would try to copy everything you’re doing for me. Or worse, actually hire you! So if we run into people, I don’t know you!” <wry grin>

That’s the life of a secret weapon. Makes you feel a little like a mistress that is way on the down low. But that is the life we’ve chosen. No public accolades from our clients. No public atta boy’s. Just the pure satisfaction that we know we are kicking butts and taking names.

To know that we are helping some of the largest traffic sites to getting MAJOR profit increase is a nice feeling.

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