Bruce Clay – Google Site Ranking is DEAD!

We believe in the importance of SEO work, no question. However, Bruce Clay summed up the future of SEO succinctly: “Ranking is dead.” (see his interview here.)

Ok. Nice headline, but a bit too far, me thinks. He’s right, in that it will have a substantial impact on how SEO needs to work (with personalized search tracking, universal search, etc.), but it ain’t dead.

However, now is the time to rethink strategies and start focus other other ROI producing activities that bring results: Landing Page Optimization. We’ve been working with large traffic websites for years, and LPO is one ways we’ve helped our clients crank up their marketing ROI, in a major way.

If you are focusing on your SEO, but not your LPO site optimization, then you are losing large amounts of money on your marketing.

Think about it. If your website conversions suck, and you drive MORE traffic to it. Who cares?!?!? What matters most is CONVERSIONS. The traffic will come. 🙂

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