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Our online optimization methodologies aren't based on theory. We've been in the trenches like you, creating and running online marketing campaigns for our clients for over 15 years. We were doing landing page optimization before the term was even invented. We knew we were onto something very special early on... but it took a few years to realize just how of a competitive edge our Conversion Voodoo conversion rate optimization services were giving our clients. Since then, our clients' profits have gone through the roof -- accounting for more than 200 million dollars in additional sales. In 2007 we officially launched Conversion Voodoo as a new company, focusing solely on marketing optimization.

What makes Conversion Voodoo so SPECIAL? (25% art. 25% science. 50% experience).

It's not just one thing that makes Conversion Voodoo unique. There are many methods to our madness. For example, we DON'T rely on automated programs alone. (Though we have our own proprietary systems and software, we also use industry leading tools in our drive to press performance to the highest limits.) Instead, we use a witch's brew of proven ingredients (see percentages above) that have driven tens of millions to our own websites. This formula has worked regardless of the products or services our clients offer.

How about that CRAZY 15-50% Guarantee?

Some people think we're crazy. Some competitors may resent us. After all, everybody wants money up front, right? Not us! We love accountability, and having our feet held to the fire. The proof is in our 15 -50% guarantee. It's simple. For our Pure Performance qualified clients, if you don't see at least a 15% rise in your online profits... we work for FREE. We don't get paid until our services pay off for you. So we both win!

That Voodoo that we do so well...

Our team brings together a group of wildly successful and passionate group of online marketers, copy writers, graphic artists, direct response conversion experts, and software developers. It's really quite a motley crew, we know. But we all have one thing in common -- a burning desire help business owners and managers succeed in the online world.

Our motivation is huge. If we don't make money for you... we don't make a dime! What more incentive could we possibly need? That means we're always focused on your bottom line and maximizing profits.

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If you are a business owner, get ready to start re-forecasting your profits sharply higher after using our services. If you are a manager or decision maker, get ready to ask for a big fat raise because you are about to make yourself indispensable at work.

No wonder our clients have called us "their secret weapon..." and "the best investment they've ever made..."

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