New A/B Split Test Duration Calculator for Landing Page Optimization

How much traffic do I need for my A/B Split Test?

man sales funnel conversionsOne of the most misunderstood concepts in landing page optimization split testing is the idea of statistical significance. It’s great if you discover that a variant gets you a 25% bump in conversions, but if you’ve only had 10 visitors so far it could have just been luck. In order for a test to be valid it needs to get a minimum amount of traffic. Based on how much traffic your site gets, you can then estimate how many days you need to let the test run.

The math behind this formula is a bit complicated, so luckily we create a tool that automatically calculates this for you given your conversion rate, number of variants, and expected traffic. Check out this Split Test Duration Calculator, along with any of the other free landing page optimization tools we’ve put together for you guys.