7 Tips To Make Sure Email Series Subscribers Don’t Unsubscribe During The Series

Tips To Make Sure Email Series Subscribers Don't Unsubscribe During The Series

To stay or go. That is often the question on email subscribers’ minds.

Your job is to eliminate the question from their mind by providing such worthwhile content, the decision is never contemplated.

In this article, we look at seven tips to make sure your email series subscribers don’t unsubscribe during the series.

#1: Don’t Send Too Much, Too Soon

You are excited that someone signed up for your email list, and the person is all set to start receiving your email series.

But, did you properly plan your series? If you have too many emails set up to go out closely spaced together, you may be setting the stage for a mass unsubscribe.

To avoid email fatigue, you want to make sure you’ve set an appropriate time span between emails in your series.

According to Smart Insights, email marketing benchmarks are a good guide to base your success on. You can see how your emails compare to others in your same industry.

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7 Questions You Must Answer Before Choosing a Website Design Company

Choosing a company to design your website has long-lasting ramifications for your business.

While many people choose a website design company based on word of mouth, location, or simply a nice looking website, there’s much more involved.

Before choosing the person or company to design your website, you want to interview them. Get a sense for the feel of the company and the personality of your design team.

In this article, we look at seven questions you must answer before choosing a website design company.

#1: Do you understand web conversion?

With this question, what you really want to know is if they understand how to convert visitors to customers. You want to know if they are capable of creating lead-generating landing pages.

In other words, what results are they willing to provide? If they’re just promising you a pretty site, they aren’t worth your time.

Your website is pivotal to your brand and your marketing strategy. As such, the development of your website must include a plan for generating leads, increasing brand awareness and converting site visitors.

Listen for the following words as they will tell you whether or not the website design company is concerned with the beauty of your site or the lead-generation capabilities of your website.

  • Bounce Rates
  • Repeat Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Lead Generation
  • Google Rankings
  • Keywords
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Calls to Action
  • Lead Generating Forms

Your website is your main marketing channel. You are using it to build your business. So, you want to know that your chosen design company has actually increased the market value of previous websites. Ask for this information and review it carefully.

#2: How can you help me with my marketing strategy?

If they tell you that your site has nothing to do with your marketing strategy, run.

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3 Ideas For Landing Pages That Turn Email Series Subscribers Into Customers

5 Ideas For Landing Pages That Turn Email Series Subscribers Into Customers

They signed up for your email list. You’ve sent them a series of emails. Now what?

In this article, we look at three ideas for landing pages that turn email series subscribers into customers.

You might be asking yourself, “What do my landing pages have to do with my automated email series subscribers, and turning them into customers?”

Well, you can leverage your landing pages through links in your email automation to give subscribers a reason to purchase. Here’s how.

#1: The Welcome Sequence

One of the most common types of automated email series is the welcome sequence of emails. These are the first messages you send your customer with the goal of encouraging the sale.

In the welcome email series, you might include any of the following:

  • A simple welcome to our “family” email with no pressure.
  • Another email with a link to a landing page where they can find an exclusive download.
  • A third email that sends them to yet another landing page with a coupon for their first purchase.
  • A fourth email option is a link to one or more of your blog posts that you think your new subscriber will find interesting.

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5 Design Principles Nearly 95% of Websites Screw Up. Are You?

5 Design Principles Nearly 95% of Websites Screw Up

Your website is the face of your brand.

Whether you’re advertising online or in traditional media like print and television, nearly everyone visits your website before choosing to do business with you.  One study shows that more than 81% of people conduct online research before buying.

Because your website is so pivotal to the success of your business, we’re going to look at five design principles nearly 95% of websites screw up. Then, we invite you to ponder the question, “Are you?”

#1: Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is one of the most important principles of good web design, and one that many businesses routinely mess up.

Every website should have a noticeable visual hierarchy. If it doesn’t, it’s hard for your website visitors to know what’s important.

Let’s define the term: visual hierarchy is the arrangement or presentation of elements in a way that implies importance.

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Email Marketing Guide – How To Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Have you heard about email automation? Or, have you heard about it, but just the name sounds too intimidating to explore further?

In today’s article, we’re going to look at how automation leads to an increase in customers, growth for your business and improved revenue.

We’ll take some of the mystery out of email workflows and automation so you can get busy with your email marketing.

Here’s your email marketing guide.

Defining Email Automation

Let’s get rid of the mystery. Email automation is the best way to engage your customers because it allows you to send out a string of emails at just the right time.

With email automation, you let your email service provider do the heavy lifting for you. For example, if a customer places several items in their shopping cart and leaves, you can target them and reach out to remind them they left something in their cart.

Often times, this encourages their follow-through.

Email automation allows you to develop a closer relationship with your customers because you can maintain communication and increase brand awareness.

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