Great Landing Page Optimization Tips from the 2012 Presidential Election

Presidential campaigns are tornadoes of cash. This year’s is the biggest yet. Floods of money have poured into campaign marketing. The money supports a mountain of tactics, and this year we’re seeing a lot of landing page optimization.

We looked over the campaign websites of President Barak Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. Doing our best to ignore the politics, we drooled over their landing pages and saw a ton of conversion tactics.

Here’s what we found:

Landing page optimization — déjà vu

When you search for each candidate in Google, the campaign website is the first result. Both sites display an email capture form before the homepage, and we’re going to comment on these forms together. Take a look and you’ll see why:

barak obama - email capture landing page optimization

mitt romney - email capture landing page

Am I having déjà vu? In terms of landing page optimization, the pages are almost identical! Only a few details are changed.

Here’s what we see:

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3 Reasons Why It’s Insane to Copy Competitors’ Landing Page Designs

You have a competitor with a large budget. Or maybe a competitor that does more optimization testing than you. Have you ever been tempted to play ‘Follow the Leader?’ After all, you know the company does tests. Why not let them do the work and steal their landing page designs?

Here’s why: because that is insane.

There are principles of landing page optimization, but they manifest differently on every page. For example, the conversion process must be simple and easy. But what is simple for one audience can be a huge burden to others.

lost puppy landing page design
Only Lost Puppies Copy Landing Page Designs

Have you ever been annoyed by a “helpful” video that automatically played when you hit the page? I know I have. But some people do find such videos helpful, and they are proven to increase conversion rates on many sites. But it doesn’t work on every site!

So you must test your pages. Ignore the competition. Your job is to beat them, not follow them like a lost puppy!

Here are three more reasons it is insane to copy competitors’ pages:

Difference #1. Value proposition

Customers choose you over competitors for a reason. There are unique and compelling aspects of your company that appeal to them. Those aspects are your value proposition – the reason your best customers purchase from you.

Your value proposition differentiates you. It says, “We have the best prices,” or “We provide the only full-service solution.” Notice those superlatives: “best” and “only.” They are exclusive. You are the only company that has these things. Continue reading “3 Reasons Why It’s Insane to Copy Competitors’ Landing Page Designs”

5 Hacks to Optimize Mobile Landing Pages for Conversion

The mobile web is about to kick down your door. Some say mobile users will outnumber PC users on the web in three years. You should be thrilled. Why? Because when you optimize mobile landing pages, you become a better marketer.

You are about to go from a karate student to a Samurai Warrior of Optimization. Mobile landing pages will demand it. You will follow the same principles of optimization, but you will need a mastery of the art, and this blog post will help you.

5 Landing Page Optimization Strategies for Mobile

First, you must understand why people visit your site from smartphone or tablet. One thing you can be sure of: they have a goal. They are not pointlessly browsing. They do that on PCs at work.

Behaviors vary on the mobile web, even within industries and across devices. So track mobile visitors. See where they go. Review the keywords they use.

Ask yourself:

  • Are they looking for coupons?
  • Downloading PDFs?
  • Checking product information?
  • Filling out a lead form?
  • Buying a product?
  • What do they want?

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5 Totally Awesome Sites That Don’t Just Sit There – Landing Page Inspiration for 2012

landing page inspriation for auto loan websites

Disclaimer: This post is being written by one of CV’s designers so hang on to your seats and take it all with a grain of salt.

5 Cool Sites – Landing Page Inspiration for 2012

So you’ve got a website with a high bounce rate and your visitors aren’t hanging around too long to be sold on the information you’re giving them? Well I’ve got a solution for you! Trick them into staying longer with the use of shiny objects! I’ve found some great “sticky” website design inspirations for 2012.

I know that when I come across a site with neat little do-dads I spend way too much time playing with them and then I end up being hooked into the site and I have to read everything that is on it. It’s science.

It’s amazing how far web languages have come in the past few years, especially considering what can be done using JavaScript and Jquery to give your websites a little spice. In fact, I almost can’t believe how great websites have become and I am building them on a daily basis!

With the use of modern HTML and CSS with some JS sprinkled in, you can change your boring, Netscape 4.0-optimized site into shiny object that all your competition is jealous of and your clientele is awed by!

But there’s one thing you need to watch out for… load times! There were a couple of sites I was going to add to this blog post but they took so long to load I fell asleep, took a nap, woke up and ended up closing the site before it even finished.

Here’s five sites I have collected that I’ve wasted too much time playing with:

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College Information Landing Page Inspiration – Part Two

A landing page is a like a conversation with all the subtlety thrown out. This is not a conversation you have on a first date when you are extremely polite and trying to pick up hints (“does he really like me?” “Did that anecdote from my time in jail scare her?”).

A landing page is where you, savvy marketer, are extremely upfront. You tell people who you are, what you have, and why they want it. People glance at you. They either run screaming for the door (the ‘x’ button) or settle in for a few seconds longer.

There is nothing subtle about this, which is why you need to beat your message into visitors when they arrive. Continuing with our series on college information landing pages, we’re taking a look at a landing page from SearchSchools. The page has a lot going for it, but it needs to lose the subtle hints and start slapping us in the face.

Is there anything I can’t do?
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