When you have the perfect business, you need to make sure everyone else gets a chance to see it. With effective marketing, you get traffic to your website and you show off your products or services to the world. It’s a win-win situation. However, if you are focusing your marketing on pay-per-click (PPC), you could be hemorrhaging money. There are a variety of reasons that PPC marketing is not effective.

You Probably Aren’t Marketing in the Correct Markets

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We are always looking for the next best thing for conversion rate optimization, and we’ve noticed lots of websites are popping up with live customer support chat. People usually want instant customer service, rather than calling a 800 number and waiting on hold for 15 minutes for a question that takes 30 seconds to answer. Elements like this can also help decrease shopping cart abandonment, as they can get their questions/concerns dealt with in real time. There are a couple different options in this space, but we decided to go with Olark.

Setting up Olark is extremely simple to install, even more simple if you have a dynamic website. All you need to do is take the code they give you and paste it in your HTML code, thats it!


Facebook wants you on its network, and it has some great bait. No, it’s not giving you free credit and beer; it’s giving out free data. Facebook Insights is a surprisingly rich analytics platform that you can use for landing page optimization.

facebook optimization marketer bait

Insights will teach you about your Facebook fans (for free) and show you what they’re up to. Of course, it’s always good to know your audience before you reel them in.

Know who you’re dealing with

If you have a Facebook page, Insights’s data will shed light on two big aspects of your audience:

#1. Preferred topics – you can see the reach, sharing activity, and clicks captured by your posts on Facebook. This reveals which types of content resonate with your fans.

Look at the data and ask yourself, what does the audience prefer? (more…)

Some recent Adobe landing page optimization research shows that marketers are catching onto this whole “optimization thing.” Many, however, have yet to grab some big opportunities.

The Adobe optimization survey queried more than 1,700 digital marketers. The findings are published in the “Top 5 Conversion Opportunities”  report and a nifty infographic (note: you have to fill out a form to get the report).

The report’s insights are great, but we dug into the data and found a few of our own. Then we turned them into tips to boost your conversion rates.

Tip #1. Optimize more than landing pages

When someone says “conversion optimization,” marketers think “landing pages.” Not surprisingly, landing page tests are the most popular with 41% of marketers running them. And since the homepage is often a landing page, 33% of marketers are testing there as well.

The percentages start dropping like bricks from there. Here’s a chart from the Adobe report:

adobe optimization research - where to test

The big opportunity here is all the way at the top. Only 10% of marketers test their shopping carts and forms. Seriously!?! That’s less than half the number that test display ads!


Attorney Mike Young, posted a great article yesterday on the current blizzard blowing through the online marketing industry. He posted 7 great resources to help you to bulletproof your merchant processing.  If you are run “FREE” Trial Offers, then BEWARE the FTC Boogieman cometh! They are coming with a vengeance!

Go to Mike’s Blog to get the free reports and information he posted.

We believe in the importance of SEO work, no question. However, Bruce Clay summed up the future of SEO succinctly: “Ranking is dead.” (see his interview here.)

Ok. Nice headline, but a bit too far, me thinks. He’s right, in that it will have a substantial impact on how SEO needs to work (with personalized search tracking, universal search, etc.), but it ain’t dead.

However, now is the time to rethink strategies and start focus other other ROI producing activities that bring results: Landing Page Optimization. We’ve been working with large traffic websites for years, and LPO is one ways we’ve helped our clients crank up their marketing ROI, in a major way.

If you are focusing on your SEO, but not your LPO site optimization, then you are losing large amounts of money on your marketing.

Think about it. If your website conversions suck, and you drive MORE traffic to it. Who cares?!?!? What matters most is CONVERSIONS. The traffic will come. 🙂