We analyze some of the largest online retailers landing pages for one of the biggest online shopping days Cyber Monday.

Best Buy

  • Good looking headline with nice background design
  • A great way to lay out the different categories of the site with icons/text links
  • Large red callout with “hottest cyber week deals” and “show now” button


  • Keeps it extremely simple with a large headline text reading “shop cyber monday deals today!”
  • With the simple theme has links for all categories on the site
  • Good red blurb on top left showing ‘free shipping’


  • Huge headline exclaiming that it is cyber monday, and also showing 15% off and free shipping for items $75 and up
  • Special deals to scroll through like buy one get one free
  • Different categories to shop in during cyber monday


  • Good headline talking about “deals” and “steals”
  • Awesome neon sign graphic pointing to the “deals”
  • Shop by categories link on sidebar and in main content with picture and text links


  • Big area of their homepage dedicated to Cyber Monday showcasing a couple of deals
  • Good headline saying “Our Best online specials”
  • Very large “Cyber Monday” headline very hard to miss, also hard to miss the free shipping headlines


  • Amazon has a very large  link on their homepage helping you find their Cyber Monday deals
  • A great feature of Amazon’s Cyber Monday page is the lightning deals with cool countdown and showing which lightning deals were already claimed by people real time
  • Tons of links to all kinds of different products all over the page, something for everyone


  • Very cool headline “Don’t freak out. Geek out” for the main banner on Newegg’s page
  • The copy “1,000+ & growing Cyber Monday Deal List” implying they are going to add more deals to their page later!


  • Awesome area dedicated just to cyber Monday stuff with a slider showing their best deals with red labels of price and how much percent off
  • Straight to the point headlines “cyber Monday” and “shop our lowest prices of the year”
  • Great links under the deals showing more ways to save on different items and “see all deals” button to click

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