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Landing Page Optimization

Conversion Voodoo offers conversion rate optimization and landing page optimization services on a performance basis. That means our success is tied directly to making you more successful. If we don't increase your bottom line, we don't make a dime.

Often times the terms landing page optimization (LPO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) are interchangeably used, but there is a difference. LPO generally focuses on the initial landing page that your marketing and advertising campaigns are driving traffic to (usually not your home page). CRO looks at the entire funnel from the landing page to the final action you are hoping your website visitor will take: signing up as a subscriber, buying your product or entering qualifying detailed information on a set of lead forms. Conversion Voodoo uses its magic potions to work on all types of sites.

What makes Conversion Voodoo different? Our absolute passion for what we do pushes our clients to a whole new level of success. We do that by brewing a special mix of Art, Science, Experience and Execution. Whether you're a driving people to your website through Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Radio spots, TV ads, affiliate programs, or a myriad of other traffic sources, we have the experience to rock your marketing world. We have helped companies sky rocket lead generation campaigns and product sales through all of these traffic sources. Our only goal is to radically help our clients increase revenues and to become more profitable than their competitors, so that they can ultimately dominate their markets.

It's all about you. We are here to help you get more of your prospects to become raving fans of your products/services, more site visitors to become qualified leads for your sales team, and more ROI from your advertising investments. We do this by helping integrate the right tools, tested designs, proven sales copy, and using our vast experience to take advantage of every possible opportunity to help you grow.

Our landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization services encompass everything you need to make these powerful tools work for you. Just contact us to find out how Conversion Voodoo can grow your campaigns to new heights.